Panorama Prebuilt is a construction company that specialises in architecturally designed, energy efficient modular housing.

We specialise in sustainable building technology, we deliver custom designed plans to best suit your block of land.

Our ​innovative building system reduces construction time by up to 90%. This is achieved by manufacturing the building envelope as a panel system in our factory. The on-site installation of the roof, wall and floor panels is normally completed within days, which heavily reduces the on-site construction time and minimises the environmental impact.

We use a fully insulated building envelope and double glazing as standard practice. We incorporate energy efficiency features such as solar electricity, solar hot water systems and grey water system as a commitment toward our sustainable energy targets.

Sustainable Development Goals

UNSDG9 Industry Innovation and InfrastructureUNSDG11 Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesUNSDG12 Responsible Consumption and ProductionUNSDG17 Partnership for the Goals

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