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We are seeking experienced professionals with a passion for guiding emerging entrepreneurs through the challenges they face. You’ll have the opportunity to share your expertise, expand your network, and contribute to the growth of high-growth businesses. Join our community and make a meaningful impact for the next generation of startups:

  • Mentor a new generation of startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Expand your network and connect with emerging leaders.
  • Upskill teams and contribute to their growth.

Apply now to become a mentor or facilitator at iAccelerate and be part of our mission to foster entrepreneurial success.

Choose your level of engagement

At iAccelerate, we offer various levels of engagement, based on your preferences and expertise.


Share your knowledge and expertise to empower startups on their growth journey.


Provide in-depth and hands-on support to a handful of entrepreneurs.

Offer guidance and advice through individual sessions, regular office hours and small group mentoring.

Expert in residence

Contribute regularly (half to two days) to the iAccelerate community, its startups, and entrepreneurs. Build rich, growth-focused relationships

Building a supportive and dynamic startup community

Empowering entrepreneurs

At iAccelerate, we believe in fostering a welcoming and genuine mentoring environment that empowers startups to thrive. To ensure an enriching experience for all, we kindly ask you to keep the following in mind:

Time commitment:

We appreciate mentors who can dedicate a couple of hours per week to facilitate or mentor. This commitment allows for regular engagement and meaningful interaction with start-ups on their entrepreneurial journey.

Flexible sessions:

We understand that your availability may vary, and we strive to accommodate different schedules. Depending on your expertise and our training needs, sessions can range from 2 to 20 times per year, providing flexibility and a balanced workload.

Areas of interest:

We are particularly interested in mentors with expertise in:

  • social responsibility
  • pitching
  • branding
  • marketing and
  • lean methodology

Your unique insights and experiences in these areas can make a significant impact on the growth and success of our startups. 

Become a mentor or facilitator at iAccelerate

If you are a passionate and experienced entrepreneur, iAccelerate invites you to join and give back by engaging with the iAccelerate community.

iAccelerate Entrepreneurial Fund

The iAccelerate Entrepreneurial Fund has been established to provide equitable access to our programs and community. In line with our values, we want iAccelerate to be inclusive, so that anyone with an idea can be supported, regardless of any barriers they may face.

Through donations to the fund we will provide scholarships to our programs to eligible applicants.

We invite all our resident companies and alumni to make the 1% pledge and find ways to give back.

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Introduce yourself and let us know how you can empower and elevate the iAccelerate journey. Together, let's build a thriving community of forward-thinking entrepreneurs!"