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Frequently asked questions

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about iAccelerate's programs and services. Find the information you need to support your entrepreneurial journey, from program details to application processes. Our FAQ page offers quick and comprehensive responses to help you make informed decisions and navigate our offerings with ease.

Your questions answered

What is iAccelerate and how does it support startups?

iAccelerate is a startup incubator and accelerator program that provides education, mentorship, resources, and support to help startups thrive.

How can I apply for iAccelerate programs?

To apply for iAccelerate programs, complete the online application form.

What are the eligibility criteria for iAccelerate programs?

The eligibility criteria for iAccelerate programs vary, but typically include factors such as the viability of the business idea and commitment to growth. Get in touch with us to learn more. 

Can non-tech startups apply to iAccelerate?

Yes, iAccelerate welcomes startups from all industries and sectors, not limited to just technology-focused businesses.

How long does the iAccelerate program last?

The duration of the iAccelerate program can vary depending on the specific program. Activate is a 3 month pre-accelerator program with a minimum commitment of approximately one day per week. Ongoing residencies are typically 1-3 years, however is based on how quickly your business is scaling. 

Does iAccelerate provide mentorship and support for startups?

Yes, iAccelerate offers mentorship, guidance, and support from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts to help startups succeed. Learn more about our mentors. 

What networking and community events does iAccelerate offer?

iAccelerate organises social and networking events, workshops, and community-building activities to foster collaboration and engagement among startups.

How can I get involved with iAccelerate as an investor or partner?

If you are interested in becoming an investor or partner with iAccelerate, please reach out to our team for more information.

What types of support services does iAccelerate provide?

iAccelerate provides a range of support services, including access to co-working spaces, business resources, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Can iAccelerate help with securing investment for startups?

Yes, iAccelerate offers funding opportunities through its seed fund program and connects startups with potential investors and funding sources.

Does iAccelerate offer any specialised industry programs?

Yes, iAccelerate offers specialised programs tailored to specific industries, such as technology, health, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship.

Are there any restrictions on the stage of startups to join iAccelerate?

iAccelerate welcomes startups at various stages, including early-stage ventures and more established companies looking for growth and support.

What is the selection process for iAccelerate programs?

The selection process for iAccelerate programs typically involves an application review, an initial pitch and evaluation of the startup's potential for growth and impact.

Does iAccelerate provide access to business mentors?

Yes, iAccelerate connects startups with experienced business mentors who provide guidance, advice, and industry insights to support their growth journey.

Are there any fees associated with participating in iAccelerate programs?

Yes, some iAccelerate programs have associated fees. Activate is $990 for three months (for up to three founders), with scholarships available. Ongoing residency is based on $110 per participant, per week. Contact the iAccelerate team for more details. 

Can startups from outside Wollongong join iAccelerate?

Yes, iAccelerate welcomes startups from outside Wollongong and the surrounding areas. We have supported startups from across Australia and beyond.

How can I stay updated on iAccelerate news and events?

To stay updated on iAccelerate news, events, and program announcements, you can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media platforms.

What resources are available to iAccelerate participants?

iAccelerate participants have access to a range of resources, including workshops, industry experts, market research, and business development support.

What is the difference between a startup incubator, pre-accelerator and accelerator?

While both incubators and accelerators support startups, they differ in their focus and program structure. To learn more see: NSW Government - Investment NSW: Startup support programs types.

What is the startup community like in Wollongong?

Wollongong has a vibrant startup community that offers networking, collaboration, and support for entrepreneurs. Explore the dynamics and resources of the startup community in Wollongong.

What are intrapreneurs and their role in the startup ecosystem?

Intrapreneurs are individuals within a company who exhibit entrepreneurial qualities, driving innovation and taking risks. They play a crucial role in fostering a dynamic startup ecosystem.

How do intrapreneurs contribute to organisational growth?

Intrapreneurs bring fresh ideas, challenge the status quo, and drive innovation within their organisations. Their entrepreneurial mindset and passion for change can lead to significant growth and success.

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