Are you an entrepreneur looking to change the world?

iAccelerate is both a program and a community of entrepreneurs, located within a world class university. 

We are a unique pre-accelerator, accelerator and incubator program where you can nurture your idea or scale-up your existing business. Entrepreneurs, startups, scale-ups, social enterprises and intrapreneurs thrive.

At iAccelerate you are supported by a robust model of education, mentoring, seed funding and unparalleled access to one of the world’s most innovative young research universities. Housed in the purpose-built iAccelerate Centre are the most innovative minds, creative ideas and entrepreneurial vibe that make it a unique place to start your business and scale it.

Step inside and discover the potential to grow your idea or business and its impact.

What does iAccelerate do and why are we different?

What we do here at iAccelerate is unique in the Australian start-up marketplace. Suited to individuals or early-stage businesses seeking support to validate their business idea and ramp up to the next stage

We’re the only program of our kind to fuse a pre-accelerator program, accelerator program and incubation. This means we don’t just help you build skills to flesh out your idea and start up your business – we develop capacity in you and your people to get your product or service to market faster, find and grow your audience and create a culture of long-term, sustainable innovation.

Part of a much bigger picture

We’re not interested in churning out companies waiting to cash in and move on. We do not take an equity stake in our iAccelerate companies.
iAccelerate is invested in the long-term success of our residents because we want your company to continue to grow and contribute to the local economy and community, and help us build the Illawarra’s reputation as a thriving ecosystem of businesses looking to have a positive impact on the world.

Being housed within a world-class University, the iAccelerate team can support our residents engaging with expertise, equipment, research, support and a workforce.

iAccelerate Business Incubator Encourages Diversity

Building sustainable businesses

iAccelerate is a cornerstone of UOW’s commitment to helping build and scale sustainable businesses that have a positive impact in our region, our nation and the world. We seek out entrepreneurs that harness technology as an enabler for services and products that can be scaled and applied globally, helping people and the planet thrive.

iAccelerate and our residents are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a bold universal agreement to end poverty and all its dimensions and craft an equal, just and secure world – for people, planet and prosperity. Throughout our Program entrepreneurs are encouraged to implement SDGs across their business.

Empower your business and solve the world’s biggest problems.

Diversity is everything

At iAccelerate, we believe that incredible things can happen when a multitude of perspectives collide. You’ll see our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion in all its forms reflected in our resident companies, our team and our broader community at Innovation Campus.

We are part of the University of Wollongong but our reach goes way beyond our walls. We’re open and accessible to all; anyone can apply to be part of this exceptional environment.