There is an increasing focus on the translation of research into community,
government, and industry to create an impact.

iAccelerate offers UOW researchers the opportunity to gain the skills in entrepreneurial thinking and discipline that can enhance their academic career or enable you to take the next step to commercialise your research.

Our Activate Program runs twice a year and is free to all researchers to participate in.
During the program you will learn the skills and tools that can be applied to enhance your career prospects or will allow you to consider a more commercial application for your research.

Outcomes for Researchers:
- Introduction to general business principles that will assist in working with industry, grant writing and pitching.
- Development of a better understanding of the potential applications and impact of your
- Networking with other participants, increasing industry engagement skills
- Pitch and presentation skills
- Build awareness of funding pathways
- Understanding a researcher’s role, especially as the key driver for in the first stage of the research translation pathway.
- Connection to the $10M iAccelerate Seed Fund.