Advanced Microwave Technologies is an Australian company with over 30 years of world wide experience in industrial microwave research and development with applications in food and drying to mineral processing, waste recovery and more.

Their specialty is scaling up from laboratory to commercialisation through research & development, project consultation and more.

Our facilities include industrial microwave generators ranging in size from 1 kW to 100 kW at frequencies of 28 GHz, 2.45 GHz, 915 MHz and 922 MHz and a broad range of applicators. This is supported by an extensive range of microwave test equipment, simulation software and workshop facilities.

Their services include:

  1. Small scale laboratory testing,
  2. Software simulation of microwave systems
  3. Project consultation
  4. Microwave properties of materials
  5. Prototype design, fabrication & testing
  6. Complete microwave systems
  7. Process scale-up
  8. Microwave Pyrolysis

AMT employ and partner with a number of specialists across a broad range of fields on a project by project basis.

P: +61 4128 98270 | E: [email protected]

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