iAccelerate resident company PlanetFootprint have recently re-branded. 

Planet Footprint has evolved dramatically as an organisation over the past 13 years. They started out in 2006 to help Australian councils meet newly implemented emissions reporting requirements, now they’ve expanded to a next-generation solution for comprehensive utility management.

The team wanted their brand to represent who they are today, and who they’ll be into the future, so it was time for a change.

Introducing Azility!  The A to Z of Utility Management. 



Azility’s core business will continue to create next-generation energy management software supported by the best service team, to drive energy, water and emissions savings across every asset and department for organisations large and small.

The re-brand includes a complete brand makeover with a new logo, new tagline, new website, marketing material and promotional merchandise. 

To celebrate the launch of the new brand the team hosted a Regional Workshop and lunch at the iAccelerate Centre followed by a tour of the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, Innovation Campus for invited guests. 


About Azility

At Azility, we’re chasing a new vision for the future of energy – for businesses, people and the planet. We’ve poured kinetic innovation into our next-generation energy management software, powering energy, water and emissions savings across every asset and department for organisations large and small.

Azility puts everything you need to revolutionise energy and water management across your sites at your fingertips, in one elegant platform. It’s powerful simplicity.

Our aim always, is take our software and service to the next level to create a utility management solution that is even more intelligent, insightful and interactive.

Learn more about iAccelerate resident company Azility here and be sure to take a look around the new Azility website

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Introducing Azility! Planetfootprint launch re-brand | iAccelerate