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Supporting your business as it grows

The iAccelerate Program is designed to support your business as it grows. You’ll learn the foundational business skills you need to go from initial idea to sustainable business, but it’s much more than that. At iAccelerate we teach our startups and companies to understand the impact of their business, supplementing those ‘hard’ skills in business development with a focus on sustainability, collaboration and building a social conscience into your business model.

Flexible delivery

We believe in flexible delivery, providing content in a blended way and active learning to create the best outcomes for our entrepreneurs. The iAccelerate Education Program is a consistent, high quality and a progressive learning experience, delivered by leading experts, entrepreneurs and investors. Microcredentials will be issued for iAccelerate education modules.

This program gives you discipline; it supports your dynamic entrepreneurial ideas and provides you with the process to take them to greater heights.

Joseph Amoia, Founder, Tudi

Activate, Accelerate and Advance

We offer three core interactive modules, through a blend of facilitator led workshops, self-paced online learning, individual mentoring, active learning and peer support.

You’ll find everything you would expect. From investment, administration, legals, regulation to recruitment, promotion, social media management and more. Along with valuable skills you won’t necessarily get from other programs like ethics, leadership, and co-working. The stuff that sets businesses apart.

Who can apply to iAccelerate?

iAccelerate isn’t your average incubator. Combining a startup accelerator program with incubation means we’re about more than simply getting you off the ground – we set you up with the skills and know-how to build and grow your business exponentially into the future.

Our programs are open to anyone with a brilliant idea they’re keen to pursue. Our residents are startups, small to medium enterprises and large organisations looking to innovate. We’re also home to government bodies ready to do things differently and social enterprises with a higher purpose for humanity.

The iAccelerate program made us more resilient. We were drilled into thinking about the problems that we were solving and to identify the best way to solve it.

Leonardo Rocker, Founder, Quirky Kid