Finding the right mentor

The startup world is fast-paced, complex and constantly evolving.

Finding the right mentor – someone who has been where you are now, understands the journey you’re on and has valuable learnings to share – can make all the difference.

A good mentor isn’t about having you emulate exactly what they’ve done; it’s about giving you the confidence and guidance to navigate the rookie pitfalls and shape your own fast-tracked path to success.

“Accessing this breadth of perspectives is a unique opportunity… it’s a rapid gain in knowledge instead of a drawn out process of self­guided research or hard lessons.”

Pia Winberg, Founder and CEO, PhycoHealth

Experts in Residence

Our Experts in Residence are experienced and successful entrepreneurs located on a part-time basis at the iAccelerate Centre.

They’re ready to assist resident companies to grow their business and may even join a start-up as a founder or invest in the company. They may also be involved in running learning sessions and workshops as part of iAccelerate Educate.

Frank Marzano

Product Management and Strategy Expert, iTree Pty Ltd

Frank is the Co-Founder and Director of iTree Pty Limited, which develops software solutions for government agencies in Australia and New Zealand. B2B and B2G sales and marketing specialist.

Belinda Gibbons

Belinda Gibbons is a Senior Lecturer at the Sydney Business School, Faculty of Business at the University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia. Belinda’s work as part of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education allows her to collaborate with institutions worldwide.

Kylie Flament

Kylie is an internationally-recognised leader in sustainability and social enterprise. She brings a wealth of experience in business growth and operations, purpose and impact, and community leadership. She is the winner of multiple business awards including Outstanding Young Business Leader 2021.

Daniel Saffioti

Danial is a transformational leader a with over 25 years experience supporting, developing and leading digital functions in Education, Research and Corporate institutions. During this time he has demonstrated expertise and commitment to strategy, architecture, innovation, communications, change and all things digital!

With a proven track record helping organisations realise their strategic aspirations in the digital world, Daniel credits this to the application of his belief that "digital capacity and capability is best cultivated by focussing on people and their experiences".


iAccelerate Educate learning sessions and workshops are delivered by experts in their field. 

Leanne Isabella iAccelerate business mentor

Leanne Isabella

Anthony Colfelt iAccelerate business mentor

Anthony Colfelt

Adam Cole iAccelerate Mentor

Adam Cole

Nathan Harper

Nathan Harper

Robyn Reynolds v

Takahiro Kubota

Joanna Kubota iAccelerate business mentor

Joanna Kubota

Kate Whale

Kate Whale

Robyn Reynolds

Robyn Reynolds

Nick McNaughton Headshot

Nick McNaughton

Julia Caunt

Julia Caunt

Jack Qi

Jack Qi

Global mentors

Our iAccelerate Global mentors bring a wealth of entrepreneurial talent to help you scale your idea and your business globally. They can be based anywhere in the world, offering unique insights and connections to international markets.

Adam de Sola Pool

Prof Joe Steensma

Becoming a mentor or training facilitator

Interested in volunteering as a mentor?

This is a call out for mentors and facilitators who are capable of leading conversations with emerging entrepreneurs on a range of different topics and entrepreneurial challenges.

We are always on the lookout for dedicated mentors to connect with the iAccelerate residents and join our mentor network. We are looking for mentors to advise residents on the key areas of creating high-growth businesses.

Are you a successful entrepreneur with a flair for training?

Would you like to:

  • Mentor a new generation of start-ups and entrepreneurs?
  • Expand your network?
  • Associate with emerging leaders?
  • Upskill your management team?

We are currently looking for passionate, experienced facilitators with a background in entrepreneurship, who are ready to give back to the community through a couple of hours of facilitating or mentoring.

Our facilitators are individuals that can command a room, are open to new innovative teaching techniques like blended learning and dual synchronous delivery and can work with existing curriculum.

Different levels of engagement

Facilitator – You will run training sessions with us based on sound educational principles and cutting edge teaching.

Mentor – Do you prefer to give more in-depth/ hands-on support for a handful of entrepreneurs? Why not become a mentor? By providing support to a company or founder via office hours.

Expert in residence – You can become an expert in residence with or without training load and will typically contribute a regular 1/2 – 2 days a week to the iAccelerate ecosystem, its start-ups and entrepreneurs. You will build rich, growth focussed relationships over a longer period of time.

We will pass on – Trainers that will only train one way or individuals being service providers that are attempting to obtain future business from our companies.

How much time is involved?

Ideally we are looking for people who are ready to give back to the community through a couple of hours of facilitating or mentoring per week.

However depending on your expertise and our current training needs you could run sessions anywhere between 2 and 20 times a year for us. We are regularly looking for facilitators, mentors or experts in residence in the social responsibility, pitching, branding, marketing and lean methodology space.

Does this sound like you?

This as a call for interest for facilitators and mentors who are capable of leading conversations with emerging entrepreneurs on a range of different topics and entrepreneurial challenges. 

iAccelerate offers a variety of compensation arrangements. If you are interested please reach to us [email protected]

Don’t underestimate the power of your vision to change the world. Whether that world is your office, your community, an industry or a global movement, you need to have a core belief that what you contribute can fundamentally change the paradigm or way of thinking about problems.

Leroy Hood