iAccelerate Entrepreneurial Fund

iAccelerate's Entrepreneurial Fund has been established to provide equitable access to our programs and community. In line with our values we want iAccelerate to be inclusive, so that anyone with an idea can be supported, regardless of any barriers they may face. 

Through donations to the fund we will provide scholarships to our programs to eligible applicants. 

We invite all our residents companies and alumni to make the 1% pledge and find ways to give back to our community. 

“Since joining iAccelerate we have increased our revenue by over 20 per cent and our staffing from 15 to 20 people, all of whom are located regionally.”

Dean Jackson, Managing Director, Planet Footprint

iAccelerate innovation network

"We’ll use the well-proven methodology from iAccelerate and tailor it to local needs and conditions, working with the community to foster a spirit of innovation that leads to economic opportunities in the region…"