Dr Rosina McAlpine, CEO and Founding Director of iAccelerate Advanced company Win Win Parenting, has been invited to participate as one of the parenting experts for the joint Australian, state and territory government initiative to reduce violence against women.

The aim of the “Stop it at the start” campaign is to help parents teach their children respect for women – gender equality and non-violence against women so the next generation grows up respectful. The national campaign aims to help break the cycle of violence by encouraging adults to reflect on their attitudes, and have conversations about respect with young people. 

A key outcome of the campaign is to stop the excuses and start the conversation. Dr Rosina McAlpine ‘s participation includes giving busy parents the resources to raise happy and healthy children, who will make a positive difference in the world through videos and blog posts on the Respect website.  

“To give our children the best chance to succeed in the world, we need to give them the skills to help them interact and communicate with others in a caring and respectful way. Learning social skills that help children to nurture relationships will help them make friends and be loving members of their family and their community. Parents can teach their children these skills by being good role models and guiding them to change their behaviour whenever they behave in a way that harms others or themselves.” Dr McAlpine said. 


Learn more at www.respect.gov.au


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