In a world increasing filled with cynicism and commitments that come and go in a click of a Tweet, there are those who are ready to step forward to make something seemingly impossible, possible; to address needs where others have failed to notice, turned their backs on or simply given up.  They see hope and opportunity in vexing issues that challenge us as individuals, communities and even as custodians of an increasingly fragile planet.  

I am speaking of social entrepreneurs – think of them as our entrepreneurial “first responders”.  They are change makers, not simply money makers.  They don’t expect handouts or pity, they are a new breed of entrepreneurs who want to do good by being good, well, by being great actually!  Motivated not by exits and financial windfalls, social entrepreneurs and the enterprises they commit themselves  to deliver meaningful impact by generating profits not for its own sake or to simply enrich themselves or others but for re-investing in creating even more impact.

Social entrepreneurs of course can’t do it alone any more than any other startup is likely to go without backers.  That is why we are focusing on both the good things being done by social entrepreneurs but also what they need to keep driving change.  

I invite you to come to our iAccelerate 4Impact Conference and prepare to be inspired and motivated and to also share in the stories of entrepreneurs who have answered the call to make a positive change in the world.  Who knows, you may be next to answer the call!


 The iAccelerate 4IMPACT Conference, taking place in Wollongong on August 7 2018.

Hear from 20 inspiring people who are changing the world at this one-day special event. With 4 keynote speakers and 3 panel discussions addressing People | Planet | Impact, the conference is a how-to for entrepreneurs, changemakers and anyone with an interest in creating impactful, lasting change.

Find out more and secure your seat at his unique event here.

Complete your conference experience with the optional Dinner with a Conscience on August 7, an evening with a focus on food sustainability and local produce. Discover more here.


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