Around 200 kilometres from the Zimbabwean capital, Harare, lies a village with no running water or electricity, but that is now 30,000 books richer thanks to iAccelerate resident Dr Alfred Chidembo and his organisation, Aussie Books for Zim.

Over the last two years Dr Chidembo and his team of volunteers have been collecting books to expand the education of children in remote areas of Zimbabwe where Dr Chidembo himself grew up. Starting with a goal of 2,000 books, the team managed to collect a staggering 30,000, which will be used to service six schools in the Mudzi District of Zimbabwe. 

On 14th April 2017 a team of 11 volunteers personally handed over 5,000 books to Mavhurazi Primary School.

As a sign of their appreciation, the people of Mavhurazi village gifted the volunteers with a sheep and some of the recently harvested produce such as peanuts and pumpkins. Many people from the community celebrated with singing and dancing.

“The moment was so heartwarming that one or two of the team members may have shed a tear,” Dr Chidembo said.

So what is next for the team at Aussie Books for Zim? Dr Chidembo plans to get straight back to their space in the University of Wollongong’s iAccelerate building with the goal of establishing six fully functioning libraries in the Mudzi District by December 2017. 

“The work we have started is incomplete,” Dr Chidembo said.

“Our next task is to go back and help the community with bookshelves, training for teachers to become librarians and learning programs to support the library. We can then use this model to work with as we look to establish five other libraries in area.”

Aussie Books for Zim aims to make a difference in the education of children living in regional Zimbabwe by providing them with the literary tools for a quality learning experience.  


Photo credit: Shepherd Tozvireva, The Standard

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