We are so thrilled to welcome our newest group of entrepreneurs to iAccelerate for our March 2023 cohort.

For industry partners, in community, acute and residential settings, who provide services to older people and their family carers ADHERe undertakes knowledge translation projects to improve care through capacity building activities with all team members. Unlike commercial consultations ADHERe produces sustainable solutions that can be applied to any topic that would benefit from being improved.

Blend ESQ Pty Limited
For the Wollongong business community in need of demonstrating their sustainability performance:
• our consulting services and resources provide assurance that processes are in place to comply with legal and other requirements and manage risks relating to quality assurance, health and safety and environmental performance. We integrate sustainable practices into the way these businesses operate, providing a framework to prioritise and measure success. Unlike other consultancies we focus on engaging leadership and the workforce, empowering them to become ESQ champions.
• our podcast ‘Wollongong, Let’s Get Salty’ is a local media production providing marketing and networking opportunities. Unlike other local media, we focus on sustainability in Wollongong, providing a trust of local stories and personalities, and a local opportunity to connect. Podcast guests share their favourite ways to immerse themselves in nature, creating an undertone of care for our natural landscapes.

Bunji Solutions Pty Ltd
Bunji is an accredited NDIS provider, specialising in the provision of clinical and school leaver employment services. Unlike existing NDIS providers, our services are truly co-designed to meet the diverse needs of our participants.

BYOP is for food and beverage retailers and their environmentally conscious customers, who increasingly want to distance themselves from single-use packaging of any kind. BYOP (an acronym for Bring Your Own Packaging) is a consultancy that provides a complete multi-use packaging implementation solution – from identifying opportunities for multi-use in a clients offering, creating and implementing both staff and logistical systems to do so, developing customer education strategies to explain how and when to use the packaging, understanding ramifications of food handling regulations and impact on adoption, sourcing and producing the multi-use packaging options, right through to creating pull-through customer programs to drive use. Unlike the handful of ‘sustainable packaging’ consultancies out there we only promote and offer reusable packaging not compostable or any other single-use packaging technology and we also only promote a ‘bring-your-own’ approach.

Gadhungal Murring
For local schools, cooperate and tourism who seek cultural education our programs target cultural revitalisation. They teach a spiritual enlightenment and sense of belonging to the oldest living culture in the world. Unlike our competitors our program is an authentic Aboriginal owned and led company that works with a high level of professionalism

IDIOMAS360 aims to become a recognised educational consulting company specialising in the excellency of non-formal foreign language programs where teachers/professionals commit to being a centre of change and inclusivity. We aim to develop marker-relevant national Australian standards that evaluate foreign language didactic resources to ensure the conclusion of people from different genders and cultural backgrounds.

Map Intelligence
The Integrated Mine Environment Rehabilitation and Closure System (IIMERCS) aims to harness the power of ESRI’s Web GIS development platform to revolutionise the way mining companies collect, store, view and report on environmental and rehabilitation data. This solution provides a paradigm shift from PDF plans to dynamic, integrated and centralised systems of management.

Finally, a community minded food delivery service will be opening up in the Wollongong area. The service promises to help cafes, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other retailers to connect with their customers online in new, exciting and creative ways. Unlike platforms available plateMate allows vendors to keep 100% of the sale. Vendors are trained in the use of the software and the art of the delivery. From that a world of opportunities are opened up. These opportunities relate to customer experience, where, when, how food is delivered to them. All aimed at creating experiences that delight. plateMate unlike any other platform finds users by their phone location- revolutionising the where, when and how of the delivery. We all know how beautiful Wollongong and the surroundings are. plateMate celebrates this natural beauty and the value of it in our lives by offering carbon free delivery services to them for your pleasure.


Sample Assist Pty Ltd
Sample Assist™ specialises in the secure digital capture and automation of sample collection wherever, and whenever it takes place. As a medical technology company, we are passionate about eradicating costly, inefficient, slow and error prone paper-based sample collection processes and replacing them with state of the art, encrypted, real time, digital mobile and desktop solutions. To fulfil our vision, Sample Assist has built the world’s first workplace drug testing platform.
The platform empowers government, NGOs, business, medical clinics, drug collection agencies, health companies and device manufacturers to monitor, track, report and manage their workplace drug testing programs, locally, nationally or internationally.

LegaSea Freediving
Based in the Illawarra, LegaSea Freedive are changing the game of freedive, breathwork and mindfulness.
Exploring some of the best waters in and around Shellharbour, our freediving courses not only give you a glimpse into the beautiful world below sea level, but will also strengthen your mind-body connection and lead you to experience the health benefits of freediving and breathing a deeper breath.

UOW Academic staff and students

We also welcome some of UOW’s leading academic staff who are eager to apply entrepreneurial thinking and approaches to their research.
• Professor Karen Charlton
• Professor Victoria Traynor
• Dr Aziz Ahmed
• Dr Lee Chong Yong

Congratulations to the following HDR students who have received a scholarship to join the iAccelerate Activate Program.

Zhoumei Yan
School of Nursing; Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
Supervisor: Professor Victoria Traynor

Lauren Rice
Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences (SCMB); Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
Supervisor: Professor Heath Ecroyd

Namal Bandaranayake
School of Mechanical Material Mechatronic and Biomedical Engineering; Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Supervisor: Dr Senevi Kiridena

Mohamad Mjalled
School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT); Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Supervisor: Associate Professor Khin Than Win

Rosalyn Muir
Education; Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
Supervisor: Professor Lisa Kervin & Associate Professor Steven Howard

Elahe Minaei
School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience (SCMB); Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
Supervisor: Dr Kara Vine-Perrow

Yunjia Lei
School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering; Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Supervisor: Dr Son Lam Phung

Joshua Thompson
School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering; Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Supervisor: Dr Son Lam Phung

Ilia Filipev
Physics; Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Supervisor: Distinguished Professor Anatoly Rozenfeld

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