2X Coworking
For professional women who work remotely at least one day a week and who feel isolated or in need of accountability, 2X Virtual Coworking and community is a coworking space that meets needs for belonging, psychological safety, accountability and friendship with likeminded women unlike regular bricks and mortar coworking spaces, our product is exclusively for women and instantly available 24/7 wherever the client is in the world.

Chocolate on Purpose
For the conscious consumers, who are passionate about the problems of the world. They want amazing chocolate BUT, they want their choice to make a difference to the world. This is done by sourcing sustainably grown cacao, and the building of an Indigenous led supply chain for procurement of native botanical ingredients.

For those who are caught in the rental market, unable to escape because of the lack of deposit required to qualify for a home loan, EquitiShare may be the answer. EquitiShare will pay the deposit on a home in return for a proportional share of the home’s value.

Illawarra Women’s Health Centre
We are dedicated to providing specialised trauma informed in house training programs around domestic and family violence and sexual harassment, while also providing direct access to counselling for staff within business’s and NGO’s.

Invisible Disability Solutions
For individuals and families who live with invisible disabilities and neurodivergence (e.g. chronic illness and ADHD) the Invisible Disability Solutions (IDS) digital services offer disability support consulting and coaching services that will assist clients in reducing overwhelm, saving time, and feeling supported when navigating Australia’s healthcare system and managing their own health.

Magnx Gen 1 is an advanced smart case designed for people using smartphones who crave next-level customization. This cutting-edge smartphone gadget enables pixel-to-pixel customization, allowing users to transform their mobile phones into a true reflection of their unique style and personality. Unlike any other product in the market, Magnx Gen 1 stands out in the smartphone gadget category as a revolutionary solution for those who seek unparalleled personalization.

Now is for freelancers, self employed and casual workers who struggle to find jobs, staff and clients quickly and efficiently. It is an on-demand marketplace and network, that allows open access to work opportunities, lets people access personnel instantly and has integrated booking and payment services. Now has an On-demand function that lets people access staff immediately, (in a similar fashion to ride sharing apps) which reduces stress when finding staff on short notice.

Super Engaged
For Australian superannuation funds, Super Engaged is a service offering that quantifies superannuation engagement, thereby affording superannuation funds with transparency of engagement, and also providing effective tools and strategies to support members who are disengaged to achieve better retirement outcomes.

Tourism & Hospitality Performance
We are developing a mechanism to deliver quality performance feedback for business in the tourism and hospitality sector.
A master template will be available for businesses to choose exactly what areas of the operation they would like analysed. A mystery shopper approach will be used to carry out the business performance analysis. Client reports will be generated from a software platform that collects the analyst’s input via voice activation, streamlining the process. Further features will provide proposed improvement considerations and benchmarking with industry standards. The concept will be further developed to incorporate the ability of data collection through an app, allowing the analysis and feedback to be collected from selected existing customers who would receive incentives/rewards in return for provision of their feedback during and following their user experience.

Tomorrow Ai
For deaf and hearing-impaired people who need a better communication tool other than sign language. The Tomorrow Ai’s new algorithm is a tool that helps them to instant translate sign language into voice and help them to speak again.

Travelling Makers
Creating art making workshops for public primary schools, using their local museums as a thematic focus. Providing professional development to teachers for their art making content through their participation in the workshop with their class.

UOW Motor Sports
UOW Motorsport is a Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) team from the University of Wollongong. Each year we design and develop a formula-style race car that meets strict safety and quality standards set by FSAE. The team consists of university students, operating on a voluntary basis and focuses on various aspects such as design, manufacturing, management, communication, research, and business operations.

UOW Researcher – Anthony Dosseto

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