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The iAccelerate Community is excited to welcome the latest cohort and we look forward to bringing you updates as there companies go from strength to strength.


Smaller lesser known musicians are often unable to make enough money to further their music career through streaming, due to the very small percentages streaming companies give, and the very large percentages record labels take. 

Our Solution is to create a niche marketplace specifically designed around musicians and the music industry. Allowing artists to sell anything from unique artworks, to royalty rights to their music. The aim of AudioRight is to be a flexible platform that allows musicians to create, mint and sell digital assets and collectibles in a frictionless manner.



For companies committed to building vibrant culture and a healthy environment, nujo measures the relationship between company vision and worker engagement. nujo’s scientific research fits with the company’s research programme. Reports by nujo are useful for predicting outcomes, meaningful reflection, and identifying the best ideas to bring a vision to life.



For commercial customers that are seeking expert guidance with implementing a drone program into their businesses to drive productivity, boost efficiency, and promote safety of their industrial operations. With 7 years of technical experience in drones and robotics, and industry leading partnerships, we are well equipped to deliver complete solutions that ensure our customer’s success. – Rav is also a founder of current iAccelerate Company Instashred.



Our product initially is for Apple & Pear Growers in Australia. Apple Yield estimation is determined by an antiquated series of calculations and guess work and can vary by as much as 33% from actual tonnes harvested. Find my Fruit Offers real-time, easy to understand data counts at key stages of growth to accurately predict crop estimates. 

With more accurate data to work with growers can more confidently predict yields, negotiate sales & distribution and plan employment needs. Also more importantly save precious man hours patrolling the rows. 


The School For Living resources (Dusty and Friends series) is an innovative, educational and fun-loving series that teach children the concepts of developing cognitive resilience based skills as part of an early intervention and prevention approach for reducing preventable harm associated with the exposure to early trauma which may contribute to the development of poor mental health . The concepts embedded in the Dusty and Friends series are considered to offer cognitive protection that empowers children with cognitive coping skills to face, navigate and overcome adversity. The Dusty and Friends series enables children to use adaptive techniques to navigate stress and develop a growth mindset. Furthermore, the theory underpinning the Dusty and Friends programme aligns with the NSW Premiers priorities, in the way of being able to provide cognitive skills that promote the discipline to learning, enabling a platform to develop the highest quality of education. Embedding cognitive resilience strategies in the school and community promotes the opportunity to grow well- connected communities and aims to break the cycle of disadvantage by strengthening mental, emotional and social wellbeing. 


For families who prefer to eat better quality food from sources they can trust and connect with, Food Markies community marketplace provides a platform for conveniently shopping with specialty food producers and businesses in the neighbourhood. Unlike the traditional food supply chain system that empowers a few and disconnects people from the sources of their food, Food Markies platform empowers families in communities to work together to sell or shop for better quality food, create economic value and quality nutrition opportunities for one another along the food value chain. 


For employers who are looking for talent that meets their organisation requirements, Headstart is a talent matching app enabling standardised screening to achieve faster, smarter and cost-effective. Unlike Seek, our product allows employers to scan the profiles of active job seekers and match with talent that fits the role they’re hiring for. 


IRT Resources Technology Pty Ltd is developing an innovative sensing system that provides remote continuous and real-time monitoring of the conveyor belt and load conditions in mining operations. The project will mitigate significant financial losses due to sudden breakdowns of conveyor belt systems in mines. The developed system will significantly increase belt longevity and reduce the need for human monitoring along many kilometres of remote conveyor systems, delivering attendant abatement of OH&S risks. It is a timely project, addressing a critical challenge in mining materials flow operations and will bring significant economic and social benefits to Australian mine operators. 


For Doctors and Medical Professionals who need to manage their working life, organise patients and clients, stay on-top of new procedural techniques/developments and further their education, as well as being a tool for patients to find doctors, or the best option to cover their medical needs. The Stitch Index is a multifaceted application that fosters mentorships through its learning platform, connects peers via its community message board, allows for online consultation and crowdfunding for patients and opens the door to remote online surgery. Unlike Doximity, the Universal Clinician Directory or Sermo which focuses on surveys to collate data from those within the medical field, The Stitch Index brings exciting new solutions together with the best existing ones and distils them into an industry specific network of unprecedented connectivity and convenience. 


The software will, with the help of Augmented Reality, allow a potential client to fully visualise and experience what their space will look like with their chosen furniture, fittings, flooring, cabinetry, wall coverings; unlimited selections even down to the size and colour of a coaster sitting on the coffee table in their sitting room. This will give the client the opportunity to edit and change all or any aspects of the design of their space leading them to confidence in their purchases, the design process and final product. 

At present Fabric, flooring, painting, furniture retailers and builders use visualiser plug ins that show an example of their product. The depth and ability of our software concept has not yet been developed. 



Doctor of Philosophy Candidate, Engineering and Information Sciences, School of Electrical, Computer, and Telecommunication Engineering. 


Doctor of Philosophy Candidate, Science, Medicine and Health, School of Medical, Indigenous and Health Sciences. 


Doctor of Philosophy Candidate, Engineering and Information Sciences, Sustainable Buildings Research Center. 


Doctor of Philosophy Candidate at Australian Institute for Innovative Materials

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