iAccelerate resident company V-DAQ has spent over two years making an intelligent transport tag to replace the e-tag, stunning major transport enterprises with its capabilities and potential to be adopted at scale. The V-SAFE Tag is focused on affordability and intelligence when compared to traditional connected vehicle equipment that would normally set you back thousands of dollars.

The V-SAFE Tag provides any vehicle with in-lane location sensing capabilities, advanced motion analysis and low latency cellular communication. Making it easy for any drivers or business to benefit from intelligent transport systems.

Businesses or enterprises can integrate their vehicles’ location and activity in real-time into their current software systems to enhance data-driven efficiency; drivers can instantly keep track of their trips, driving efficiency and safety score. V-DAQ is a technology startup working with road managers, insurance companies and emergency services to provide its users with savings on insurance premiums and toll fees, as well as prioritised emergency response.


Partners and Investors

V-DAQ is now looking for additional business development partners and investors in the transport industry, as part of its Seed Investment strategy to commercialise across Australia and into global markets.

Learn more about V-DAQ here.

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