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iAccelerate Advanced resident company 152HQ have recently launched their brand new Tracka website and are in the final stages of development of their marketing outreach to the private developer construction industry.

Tracka helps construction and building companies quickly and easily control their projects from start to finish – the ultimate site diary. Tracka provides record safety, quality, shift activities, resources materials, milestones, add supporting files shift pictures and more.

The re-development of the website has delivered a variety of features, including a secure payment gateway, a detailed overview of the companion application, as well as a comprehensive guide to the forecasting capabilities of Tracka.

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The Tracka interface has also received an intense remodelling over the last 2 months on the various reporting and support modules, making the program as streamlined and easy to use as possible. The team have already received great feedback on these changes from a range of users.

View the Tracka website here

In addition to the website, Tracka have been busy conducting extensive research in the field including a final pre-sales survey of the local construction industry in Wollongong. The research aims to gain an understanding of how both private and commercial developers would use the product on both small to medium scale construction projects.

Initial feedback is promising, the majority of sites surveyed displayed the need to update their current site reporting methods. Most sites still have no clear-cut method of reporting day-to-day site activities and what reporting they do have revolves around the circulation of paperwork and emails. This feedback will allow Tracka to finalise their marketing approach for targeting the product at the private developer construction industry.


About 152HQ

152HQ is a software development company with over 16 years of experience developing internet based applications from simple websites to enterprise level project management applications. 

To learn more about 152HQ visit their iAccelerate resident company listing


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