Together with the Bega Valley Innovation Hub (BVIH), we are announcing the launch of the Phoenix program.

The Phoenix program is designed to empower and equip businesses in regional areas affected by the bushfires – of all sizes and across all sectors – to respond to challenges, gain resilience, and enable growth.

 “We hope this will provide businesses an opportunity to find ways to sustain themselves through what has been a terrible impact.  For some this will be a time for renewal and even rethinking their business strategies,” Omar Khalifa, iAccelerate CEO said.

We are already seeing the early benefits of this program to businesses in Bega Valley in response to the recent catastrophes and their ongoing impact.

“The program has helped us through the latest fire impact trauma and recovery, more than we would have imagined,” shares Kay and Gregg Saarinen of Saarinen Organics.

The Business Bushfire Recovery Team at the Bega Valley Innovation Hub.

Phoenix is a unique and bespoke recovery entrepreneurship program that has two phases.  

Phase one will help regional businesses Stabilise and recover by utilising a broad range of online tools to support and grow their business. Registrations are now open for Stabilise with sessions kicking off next week.

Phase two, follows on from Stabilise, is based on the iAccelerate Activate foundation learning that helps people reimagine how they do business, reassess their business model or prepare to launch a new one.

“I did the program it was a great way to learn from mentors. The growth opportunities appeared endless and exciting,” Kristi Sproates of AppyConnections said.

“Once the threat of the fires had passed I needed to connect with other people to help me to get back on track with my start-up.”, Leanne Atkinson, Founder of Road to Home shares.

The Phoenix program is set to deliver a revolutionary step change by providing core knowledge and skills to business owners and is aimed at a holistic approach to regional business stabilisation.

 “The support from the program has helped me put my skipper’s hat back on and climb aboard once again. But it’s not just business guidance, it’s the compassion, the friendship, and the strength, it’s what we all needed.”, Jackie Perry, Founder of Sistership Training shares.

If you’d like to add your support to deliver Phoenix to other impacted regional areas contact us at [email protected]..

For media enquiries contact us at [email protected].

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