Speaker: Aly Khalifa – North Carolina State University

Is your idea of sustainability to do less bad or more good? Work with a team to honestly assess the merits of each of your plans from a Cradle to Cradle perspective and inspire how you might reach further than you imagined.

Who – Entrepreneurs and investors who are pursuing or evaluating sustainability with their enterprise.

Learning – Participants will be introduced to the comprehensive Cradle to Cradle mindset and its foundation for the Circular Economy.

Takeaway – Participants will walk away from the workshop with:

1.Key concepts and detailed attention to vocabulary in the often mushy world of sustainability.

2.Clarified goals of “doing good” vs. “doing less bad” through the Upcycle Chart.

3.Strategic assessment of their existing challenges

4.Discovery of key challenges in becoming a leader in sustainability

5.Prioritization and strategic planning to meet sustainability goals


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