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iAccelerate resident company SOOMA has been accepted into the 2017 Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program (MDCTP) run by Cicada Innovations as one of the top 16 medical projects across NSW. 

The MDCTP is designed for NSW based candidates interested in exploring the realm of commercialising their intellectual property in the field of medical technologies, including (but not limited to) clinicians (physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals), researchers, students and graduates.

The program is delivered by leading deep technology incubator, Cicada Innovations (formerly ATP Innovations), with the support and funding from NSW Health in aim of fostering medical device commercialisation in NSW.

The program offers knowledge, skill and network building opportunities through three different training courses: Ignition CORE (flagship course), Ignition Health and Ignition IP (workshop).

SOOMA iAccelerate


SOOMA is a novel device proposed especially for ones who have low vision, are legally blind or have visually impairment. SOOMA is an electronic optical device which assists non-refractive visual impairments.

It’s been a busy start to the year for the SOOMA project. In January they completed the first prototype and are expecting to have the second version by end of March. 



About Cicada Innovations

Cicada Innovations is Australia’s leading incubator for advanced technology startups. The incubator is internationally recognised and jointly owned by four of Australia’s leading universities: Australian National University, University of New South Wales, University of Technology Sydney and University of Sydney.



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