Speaker: Prof Joe Steensma – Washington University / St Louis 

What makes social entrepreneurs different from the more traditional definitions of entrepreneurs – and how that can both hinder and accelerate the growth of your business.

Who – People who are either early phase social entrepreneurs or are considering a social enterprise.

Learning – Learn about the entrepreneurial process and the different forms of capital required at each phase. Understand what makes social entrepreneurs different than our more traditional definition of entrepreneurs and how those differences can both hinder and accelerate growth. By learning what to expect and how to identify each ‘phase’ of the entrepreneurial journey, participants will learn how to plan for each phase in order to have the assets in place before hand.

Takeaway – Participants will walk away from the workshop with:

1. An understanding of the difference between risk and uncertainty

2. An understanding of how to model, plan, start, and grow a social venture.

3. An inventory of assets/capital they already have and/or will need to acquire at each phase of the process.

4. Their specific definition of the performance criteria (social and financial) for their venture and how those align to mission and operations

5. A list of obstacles that must be overcome at each phase for their specific operation.

6. An inventory of the sociopolitical challenges and how plans to overcome them.

7. Establish assumptions and checkpoints for their progress.



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