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Advertising and marketing platform, iAccelerate resident company Screen Dopamine has just received a boost with the injection of $150k cash from venture capital investment company Artesian

Screen Dopamine is an advertising marketplace which helps Australian businesses and people engage with each other. It’s founder Morgan McCarthy developed the platform out of the ever increasing physical and digital waste created from the advertising industry globally, and wants to give forward thinking businesses a better way to connect with people and change the huge amount of waste generated.

“Every business needs to advertise but we are so saturated with interruptive advertising everywhere we go. It is producing a huge amount of physical waste while in addition having negative mental effects on us and even worse our children.

At a time where global waste is a huge issue, the advertising industry colloquially runs on about 99% waste. We have created a marketplace where people have complete control around when and where they see and engage with marketing messages, which allows businesses to get better results in a more efficient and less wasteful way.”

The investment from Artesian will help drive even more businesses and users into the platform and help evolve the product to the next level.

“Every business that comes onboard presents us with unique set of challenges and we enjoy continually developing the platform to serve both business and people in Australia and one day globally. Our thousands of users are always pushing us to the next level. iAccelerate has been a huge ingredient in our success as the facilities, investment and networking opportunities have allowed us to move forward at lightspeed and have a huge amount of fun and experiences along the way.”

Screen Dopamine Newsletter

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