iAccelerate resident ROWM have just announced a trial with Wollongong City Council to test their service in Unanderra Pools starting in September for 3 months. With the trial they hope to test their service, gain valuable feedback and improve their service for launch.

ROWM stands for Remote Online Water Monitoring. ROWM aims to bring the internet of things to the pool industry.

At public pools lifeguards are required to undertake water samples by the poolside as public pools can act as vectors for bacterial infection. For this reason public pools have strict legislative requirements for water quality maintenance and monitoring, these legislative requirements mean testing must be conducted multiple times a day and recorded.

ROWM is streamlining this process utilising IoT technology which measure pH, chlorine, oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and temperature. From here the data is communicated remotely to their website where pool operators can observe the water quality in real time allowing them better control of their pool.

Their service also includes automated daily reports that meet the record keeping requirements of the legislation and text message alerts when water quality falls outside the regulations. 



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