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iAccelerate resident RooCreate is now supplying sustainable, eco-packaging for Nestle’s newest coffee product, Chain of Origin. 

Chain of Origin champions single-origin coffee and sustainable packaging in with their products. RooCreate has partnered with the brand to provide them with packaging that is sustainably sourced and compostable. 

Made out of sugarcane fibers, the packaging is now used across Chain of Origin’s wide array of coffee bean products. 

“Recycled materials and pouches that people can home compost are really exciting and I think that’ll be the next wave,” Suzanne shares. 

The products also feature a unique QR code that tracks the product all the way through the supply chain giving you visibility into the art & science of where your coffee comes from. 


About RooCreate

RooCreate® is an interactive online platform for custom designing, creating, and ordering eco-friendly product packaging, in a simple and easy manner. Our mission is to make smart, simple, and sustainable packaging accessible to everyone.



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