RooCreate packaging and design

It’s been an exciting few months for RooCreate, since their Launch in May this year things have been moving fast with an abundance of enquiries and orders through their eco packaging platform.

Suzanne Haddon and her team of creatives have had their hands full with learning new processes & systems to manage their large influx of customers.

RooCreate has caught the eyes of investors by the likes of ANU Connect Ventures and are front runners for Artesian Venture Partners Seed Fund. At this year’s SCV IC meeting hosted in Canberra ACT, Suzanne will be pitching to the SCV Committee in the hopes of receiving investment.

RooCreate has also branched out and initiated partnerships with a variety of renowned companies abroad. During Suzanne’s recent trip to America she meet with companies such as Starbucks, Etsy and Nike, and has received strong positive feedback from her designer companions in the US.

The RooCreate team have big visions for the future as they are in the current stage of automating the design process of their eco packaging platform through the integration of a 3D visual package builder that will help increase the quantity of orders globally. They are excited to show off their latest work and achievements at iAccelerate’s upcoming Demo Day on 9th of November.

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