Global Renewable Energy Solutions offers affordable, renewable and reliable electricity for rural communities. 

Global Renewable Energy Solutions will offer a renewable energy based battery integrated embedded system for rural communities. We want to use technologies such as smart-grid as a part of the solution. Solar PV system will be our main focus. Medium to large scale solar farm (100 kW – 5 MW) integrated with battery storage is proposed as a major solution. However, roof top solar, building integrated solar PV (BIPV), micro-wind turbine and pump hydro may also be part of the solution. Our solution would enable small communities to immune themselves from growing electricity prices as they can become grid-independent or marginally dependent. We have calculated that with battery integrated option, the payback period of such system is expected to be around 6-8 years (excluding transmission line). If the communities own these plants, they can control how much they pay for electricity. If we own these plants we can offer the resident guaranteed electricity price with longer-term contracts.