4.3 years

Catalyze specialises in Information Engineering – a collection of skills and experience applied to process and solution design with the purpose of optimising information provision to your business users.

Catalyze plans to disrupt the insurance market by offering technology and consulting services to our clients that enable them to operate without the constraints that currently characterise the industry.

  • To deliver disruptive double-punch of deep industry knowledge and technological nous
  • To build trust throughout the insurance value chain via rapid delivery of quality
  • To offer true technological enablement by embracing the complexity of insurance and making it look simple

We are currently working a new solution: IN4S (pronounced ‘in force’) application and data platform. Microsoft stack modular web application and data management system designed to master and maintain insurance business logic and apply it within its own processing modules and externalize to other systems via web services. Sophisticated data analytics and reporting capabilities embedded in each module and across all modules via the central information hub.