Hardware / Product

152hq is a company of Professional Project Managers and System Programmers who engineer software solutions, enabling real time recording and reporting of a Project’s execution and delivery. 

Our aim is to become the Construction and Building Industry leader in field data collection and real time reporting.

152hq’s product Tracka was born when by a group of construction professionals identified that there was a better way to pass information from the work front through to the project team without loading any more work or responsibility onto the supervisor. With over 12 years of continually testing and tweaking 152hq are now ready to share this unique solution with the world.

Tracka helps construction and building companies quickly and easily control their projects from start to finish. By providing: 

  • Transparency
  • Accuracy
  • Access
  • Forecasting

Tracka helps you gain visibility so that you know what is happening at the work front at all times. We keep you on schedule and on budget because with a click of a button you are always in-the-know.