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A therapeutic recreation initiative known as Recovery Camp has been nominated for an Australia Connecting Communities Award at the 2020 NSW/ACT Regional Achievement and Community Awards. 

Co-founders Chris Patterson and Lorna Moxham said Recovery Camp was established in 2013 as an Australian first that is now run from iAccelerate as a social enterprise. 

“We run a five-day, four-night recovery camp where we take future health professionals who are predominantly nursing students, and we immerse them with people who have a lived experience with mental illness and we learn from each other. Chris and I are mental health nurses. We go to the camps and we help people who have lived experience and we also guide students’ knowledge. It is also a professional development experience for anyone who is already a registered nurse.”

Regional Achievement and Community Award nominations close on July 28. 

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About Recovery Camp

Recovery Camp is an innovative, evidence-based, and award-winning program. It operates as both a professional experience placement for students of preregistration health programs and as a recovery-focused experience for those living with a mental illness.

Attendees engage in a program underpinned by the principles of therapeutic recreation – that is, using recreation activities as a therapeutic means to improve health and quality of life. Activities at Recovery Camp include giant swings, rope courses, rock climbing, flying foxes, bush dancing, Tai Chi, team pursuits, archery, and damper making.

Recovery Camps have operated in Australia since 2013, and they are available to organizations seeking innovative, evidence-based professional experience placement opportunities for their health students, and organizations who are interested in providing a unique experience for those with a lived experience of mental illness.

P: (+61) 0436 446 111 | E: [email protected]

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