Basecamp® is a solution-focused school holiday workshop that helps anxious children and young people to manage their own symptoms of stress and worry both at home and at school.

Quirky Kid‘s Basecamp school holiday workshop is suitable for children aged 5 to 13 years.

Participants learn to identify personal triggers for anxiety and practice coping strategies to reduce any impact on them or their families. By exploring solutions through play-based activities, participants learn to understand and appreciate anxiety in a fun, non-threatening setting. We use a variety of activities such as storytelling and role-plays to help young people identify their own personal triggers for anxiety and teach them how best to manage their own behavior.

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About Quirky Kid

Quirky Kid is Australia’s leading child psychology clinic. Quirky Kid is changing the way schools teach social-emotional learning to their students by creating innovative and evidence-based materials to improve students’ emotional and social wellbeing in schools and clinics around the world.

Quirky Kid has received multiple awards in Australia and overseas. Our resources are used by over 3000 organisations and every year our clinics provide effective intervention to over 1000 children and their families.

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