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Having made it through a competitive pitching process against thousands of startups around the world, iAccelerate Advanced resident company, One Degree Health were invited to New York City at the beginning of May to pitch in the highly coveted grand final of Techstars Worldwide Network program.

The program is run over three months in America and is designed to help entrepreneurs gain traction through deep mentor engagement, rapid iteration cycles, and fundraising preparation. Throughout the pitching process, Techstars showed a keen interest in LifeBuddi viewing it as an innovative and revolutionary solution for the health and wellbeing of everyday people.

Despite just missing out on a top spot in the program, the trip to the Big Apple opened a new door of opportunities for One Degree Health, with numerous proposals and pilot requests now flowing in from some of the world’s largest insurers.

From the Big Apple to Big Ben

Having validated LifeBuddi’s overseas potential through Techstars, the team at One Degree Health felt confident in extending their advertising to an international audience, and were ready to welcome members from across the globe into their growing 8,000+ Facebook community.

Through Facebook advertising, One Degree Health were able to target audiences in the United Kingdom and parts of North America. Within a few days of running these ads, the team confirmed what they already knew to be true: there is a widespread need for a holistic health solution that doesn’t simply track steps or count calories – but that motivates, inspires and empowers its users to take health out of the too-hard basket.

This is particularly true for those living in the U.K., who have shown an overwhelmingly positive response to LifeBuddi so far. With close to 1,000 UK citizens following LifeBuddi’s Facebook page in a matter of weeks, it seems the app’s Aussie fans will need to make some room for their British neighbours.

So, what’s next…?

Despite their recent wins overseas, the team at One Degree Health remain passionate about supporting everyday people in their own backyard to break the struggle of staying healthy. So, for the past few weeks, the team have been working to develop a new B2B subscription model that has enormous (and validated) potential to be Australia’s largest employee health program. This is currently in the works… so stay tuned for more about this in the coming months!

One Degree Health



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