iAccelerate Advanced resident company, Nube iO recently partnered with the University of Wollongong’s SMART Infrastructure Facility and Devika to produce a 3D virtual model of the digital living lab utilising Nube iO’s smart sensors.

The collaboration involved installing 120 of their smart sensor Droplets into each room in the building, to monitor features of the built environment in real time such as temperature, humidity, light and motion.  

The droplet is a LoRa-enabled battery-operated environmental sensor, built to address the problem of wanting multiple points of data capture with minimal time for install and wiring. LoRa wireless technology requires less power and is more reliable in communicating information to the receiver than regular WiFi.Nube’s technology was combined with virtual reality technology supplied by Devika. Devika produced the 3D model, allowing users to interact with the virtual environment and view the results from smart sensors in real time. The project was recently launched at the KPMG IoT Innovation Expo – Smart Cities and Connected Infrastructure.

The collaboration allowed Nube iO to demonstrate the scalability of their technology in a larger building, as well as interoperability with other technology from Devika. 

Watch the video here!

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