iAccelerate Centre - Construction Progress

[box]#feb026[/box]Construction of the iAccelerate Centre commenced in early January 2015. To date all is on track for a May 2016 completion.

The iAccelerate Centre, the region's first purpose-built business incubator, providing a permanent home for 280+ startup companies. The three-storey, 4,000 square metre iAccelerate Centre will feature ‘plug and go’ expandable space at the UOW’s Innovation Campus. 


The iAccelerate Centre is changing before our eyes, with the exterior corten cladding taking shape. The corten sheet steel reacts with water & turns a rust colour almost immediately.

iAccelerateCentre Concrete

The upper roof slab was poured recently, marking a significant milestone with the project.

The next stage will see structural steelwork installed to the roof and main facade facing Puckey Avenue.

iAccelerate Centre Top

The concrete slab pour of the roof at iAccelerate is in full swing! For this slab, the concrete needs to be of a higher strength due to it being exposed to the elements. 

Innovation Campus Fun Fact... Approximately 31 staff work on the iA site each day with a total of 19,363 hours having been spent on site since construction began in February 2015.

Concrete Pour iACentre

The iAccelerate building is reaching for the sky as the second floor starts to take shape! The slab for the iAccelerate Centre 2nd floor has now been poured on Innovation Campus. 

iAccelerateCentre Level2

With the Level 2 support columns being poured recently. The photo shows a hive of activity as the scaffolding rises up while the team gets preparations in place for the concrete pour. 

Innovation Campus Fun Fact...Did you know that the tie wire used to hold the reinforcement together on the 2nd floor slab measures 1.9km's? That's like walking from iC to Wollongong Harbour.

iAccelerateCentre Level1

Foundations have been laid, drainage works are underway & the ground floor concrete slab was poured on Monday 27th April.

iAccelerateCentre ConcretePour


iAccelerateCentre Start

The iAccelerate Centre, the region's first purpose-built high-tech incubator, will provide a permanent home for the Illawarra’s rapidly growing number of startup companies and features ‘plug and go’ expandable space for more than 280 entrepreneurs. The funding for the Centre was part of the Restart Illawarra Infrastructure Fund, which provided $100 million in State Government funding for 12 projects in the region.

For the full construction updates and to watch the progress of the build visit the Innovation Campus Facebook page or Innovation Campus website

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