iAccelerate Scholarship Program Announced

[box]#feb026[/box]iAccelerate CEO Elizabeth Eastland announced the iAccelerate Scholarship Program today at the iAccelerate Entrepreneurial Women's Breakfast event.

Elizabeth Eastland announced "that we are taking another real step towards supporting women entrepreneurs with a $5,500 Scholarship program".

"This support for women in innovation was kindly donated to the University of Wollongong by The Indian-Australian Cultural Association in Wollongong. iAccelerate will provide an excellent vehicle for female entrepreneurs to contribute to this region's transformation via their innovative capacity".

The iAccelerate scholarships provide the opportunity for selected female applicants to the iAccelerate program to secure a fully paid residency in iAccelerate Start. This represents a total value of up to $1,560 for each scholarship.
For more information about the iAccelerate Scholarship Program please contact info@iaccelerate.com.au or via the Contact Us page on the website.