GeoInteractive commence biggest project yet

[box]#feb026[/box]GeoInteractive have commenced their biggest project yet, mapping post mining conditions of the Streams in the region for Peabody Energy Metropolitan Collieries. 

Geointeractive are testing some existing and new tech for the project and include Close range photogrammetry, 360 degree imaging and possibly Helium Balloon Aerial photography. The project has seen Geointeractive grow from one employee to two. 

GeoInteractive have also acquired a new client - Sparke Helmore Lawyers. GeoInteractive are working together with SCT Operations, Austar Colliery and Safe Group with the fatality investigation at the mine site 2 months back.

GeoInteractive have been approached by a mine site to assist with slope monitoring of a stockpile using real time CCTV/ photography. They are discussing the best approach to conduct this project and would like to ask the iAccelerate community if they have any ideas that we could put forward to the client. Get in touch with GeoInteractive.