iAccelerate have announced the eleven startups that will form the July 2019 iAccelerate cohort

Congratulations and welcome to the eleven new iAccelerate resident companies!  

The new residents will hit the ground running in the iAccelerate Centre with the start of the iAccelerate Educate startup acceleration program with Lean 1 Methodology Learning Session. Throughout the program the startups will continue to build on their Business Model Canvas and Minimum Viable Product. 

About the new residents: 

  • Limitless Health Co. – Experts in nutrition & lifestyle support content for the fitness industry.
  • Julian’s Variable Compression Engine – This VCE allows for the optimisation of torque and horse-power in conventional internal combustion engines saving the end-user unto 30% in fuel consumption. Less components and the ability to retro-fit to existing engines makes this VCE ahead of the current competition.
  • Reminisce with Collage – We make themed collage workshops for people with dementia and their carer to have fun, reconnect and stimulate conversation. We facilitate storytelling, sense of self and increased recall through autobiographical connectivity. 
  • Batloc – A fully patented mobile safe capable of housing most singular popular branded battery chargers. The box contains various features that ensure maximum security for the tradie’s battery and charger.
  • The Eco Door – A zero energy freezer display door alleviating the need to heat the frame and outer glass, utilising a thermo-plastics frame and optimal panel spacing. Components are reduced by 70% and saves the end-user hundreds of dollars per year per door in energy costs compared to conventionally heated doors.
  • Willo Industries – Our NFP helps communities create a real sense of belonging, connection and inclusion for individuals and families living with intellectual disabilities by increasing their options for gaining employment.
  • Catalyze – Ensuring everyone has the ability to affordably protect themselves and their assets against misfortune. We are transforming the insurance industry through holistic product design, innovative technology, operational transparency and social responsibility. 
  • Complete Education Australia – Developed out of the growing need to support Australian students who were not fitting into the classroom environment. With a focus on individualisation, we’re able to meet a child where they’re at academically and provide an Education Program tailored to their needs. 
  • Found My Physique – A nutrition business that has automated the complicated process of eating plan creation, resulting in the product ‘YouTrition Planner’: a powerful meal plan generation software for nutrition professionals and personal trainers which reduces time consuming calculations and automates eating plan generation.
  • ArtSensors – An innovative platform where art flourishes. Our digital marketplace helps Art Galleries extend to the Asia market by reducing language and culture boundaries, which creates booming sales for galleries.
  • The Wheel – The Wheel is a marketplace for teachers and students to find inspiration and share knowledge. It is moving education from out of the classroom into the hands of every teacher and every student, every day.

Watch this space for more information about the iAccelerate resident companies. 



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