Me3D is partnering with like-minded corporates to provide students with the technology of tomorrow.  

Through their partnership with South32, they have provided thirty 3D printers to 5 local public schools including educational content, software, materials and support to make sure the technology is embedded into the curriculum in a meaningful way. Wilton Public was one of those schools and received 5 Me2 Printers for their Makerspace. They have already been using the printers with kids as young as years 1 & 2 and have been actively exploring the world of 3D design. 

Me3D are currently working to bring on more corporate sponsors and help more schools to introduce a highly captivating makerspace. Introducing emerging technology into the school environment can have an enormously positive impact on student engagement and the aim of this program is the bring those benefits to schools that need it the most. 


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