Marine Debris Bakelite is created from 100% plastic debris washed up out of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch onto Australian Beaches.



Ocean plastic is a huge environmental catastrophe. We have chosen to see the plastic waste causing this problem as a resource and use it to make a new material for products so beautiful, useful and desirable that the fact that it was once pollution in our oceans is no longer the focus.

Global plastic debris is washing up on Australian beaches, so whilst this is a local project, it is capable of making an international impact.

We go to lengths in our process, to give this raw material back some integrity; we add some (inert) weight and create a carefully curated palette that references the marbled beauty of early bakelite.  

We have designed and prototyped a beautiful, functional watertight bento lunch box, as our first product. We will move into a higher volume production model with distribution to retailers in Australia and New Zealand, and will roll out other products in the first MDB range in 2018.

All our tableware products are coated in an impervious food safe wax resin (an organic product developed in Germany) which means they are 100% food safe.



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   Sarah King

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