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Planet Footprint, an iAccelerate resident company, specialists in helping large organisations become smarter utility bill managers, has launched its new Bill Console.  

Clients can now:

  • Have all utility bills (gas, electricity, water) from various providers on the one online console for approval by designated ‘bill approvers’.
  • Every invoice is electronically tested against 40 rules. Bills flagged with issues are raised as incidents on the Bill Console for easy resolution.
  • Filtering capabilities: filter by supplier, utility type, account number, due date and importantly which bills have been approved and by whom.
  • The ability to export your entire bill console – date range, consumption, charges, account number and supplier –  to Excel for greater exploration.

Planet Footprint clients using the new Bill Console have calculated time savings of up to 90% per invoice, improved accountability and audit trail. 

If you would like a free demo, call us on 1300 721 113.

PF News 2


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