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Kitl is an Australian built flexible talent marketplace, tackling the next iteration of the global ‘gig economy’.

Described as the ‘Tinder’ for jobs, Kitl is a data-driven hyperlocal marketplace that matches hirers and professionals for flexible jobs.

“Having worked as freelancers, we’d each felt the pain point of finding your next professional job, and on the flip-side as business owners, we’d equally been frustrated when it came to having to hire people for short-term, or projects roles. 

Now, just like how Uber and AirBnB show you the transport and accommodation options around you, Kitl’s data-driven marketplace identifies the professional talent around you using over 40 unique data-points including location, skills, and availability, ” shares Kitl CEO Joanna Downer. 

Passionate advocates of the ‘e-change revolution’, Kitl’s founding team want to enable people to work anywhere they want to live – locally, remotely, in metropolitan, regional and rural areas. 

The team recently closed their first round of investment mid-COVID and have just launched their new platform focusing on building their first talent networks in Sydney and Wollongong.

Since launch, we have had a high calibre of professionals signing up with marketing, sales, finance and digital experience looking for part-time roles. And interestingly they are from all career stages – from grads looking for their first job, through to experienced professionals looking to supplement their retirement with part-time consulting work.

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It’s a win-win for small-medium businesses who can now tap into this talent on-demand without the usual hiring overheads, as we not only match them but also take care of the labour-hire governance for everyone – including taxes, superannuation, insurances and payments for painless hiring.”

Now more than ever, this type of job matching functionality is so important to sustain new job growth and economic recovery post-COVID.

“Kitl is solving a global problem in a new post-COVID work landscape. The future of work is here, now.” 

If you’d like to reach Kitl, please contact Joanna Downer at [email protected]

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