Following its  launch in August, LifeBuddi – the revolutionary new mobile application by iAccelerate Resident, One Degree Health – is off the blocks with a bang.  

LifeBuddi is the app that takes improving your health out of the too-hard basket. It helps everyday people to break the struggle of staying healthy. By blending behavioural science with smart technology – including artificial intelligence – LifeBuddi supports users to:

  • Stay motivated and on track everyday
  • Fit health into their busy lives, and
  • Be well supported along their journey.

The team at One Degree Health, lead by health veteran of 20 years, Brad McDougall, has been delighted by the initial reaction to LifeBuddi.

In its first month on the national market, LifeBuddi has been downloaded and used by hundreds of Aussies, and has gained more than 700 new fans on Facebook.

“We know that 82% of everyday people want to be a bit healthier, and that has really been reflected in the response to LifeBuddi so far,” Brad said. “For our team, one of the most exciting developments over the past month has been the formation of a real LifeBuddi community where like-minded people can share their struggles in a safe, supportive environment.”

Along with its growing community, Samsung have jumped on board and have requested LifeBuddi be integrated on their Gear Fit 2 wearable and S3 Smartwatch. They see LifeBuddi changing their technology from being a tracker, to becoming a lifestyle management tool for a significant market in Australia.

Despite an overwhelmingly positive response to LifeBuddi so far, the team at One Degree Health show no signs of slowing down, and admit they still have a long way to go before achieving their mission of helping 1 million people by 2020.

To get there a little faster, they’re seeking volunteers from the iAccelerate community to try out LifeBuddi over the coming weeks. In return, you’ll have the unique opportunity to provide input and help improve the app so that is just right for you.

So, if you struggle to stay motivated, find time for health in your busy day, or you just need a little more support, then please help One Degree Health to help you, and a million others just like you.

To register your interest, simply contact Brad via e-mail ([email protected]) or mobile (0438 699 369). 

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