LifeBuddi take the latest innovations in health technology, behaviour change theory and practice to help people make positive changes in their lives. By blending behavioural science with smart technology, they’ve created a life app that gets to know you, works with you, and supports you.

Having received an overwhelmingly positive response to LifeBuddi so far, the team at One Degree Health are hungrier than ever to achieve their goal of helping 1 million people by 2020. On their quest to success, the team have had a number of key wins recently, including:

App Upgrade

Over the past six months, the LifeBuddi app has been re-designed and re-developed to give users more of what they love about the current version. With LifeBuddi 2.0 now complete and ready to go, One Degree Health is preparing for a global launch midway through this year – so stay tuned!


Growing an Online Movement

LifeBuddi’s Facebook Page is now home to more than 5,000 avid followers – a significant milestone for the entire One Degree Health team. The page continues to

grow by the hundreds every week – bringing together like-minded individuals with a common goal of improving their health.

In conjunction with the main Facebook Page, the team have also created and nurtured LifeBuddi Lifers – a private Facebook community that empowers busy women to put themselves first and live their ‘WHY’. With a growth rate of 15% per week, there are now close to 100 Lifers who support, embrace and inspire one another to take health out of the too-hard basket.

Helping Everyday People Build New Skills

So far in 2018, the team at One Degree Health have developed and deployed two highly successful 5-Day Facebook Challenges designed to help everyday people build new skills in just 5 days! With an 80% retention rate and a 40% daily interaction rate in their latest 5-Day Challenge, the team are excited to have achieved product-market fit and are currently exploring an expanded revenue model.

So, what’s next…?

Despite a busy start to the year, One Degree Health have no intention of slowing down. In the next three months, the team will be looking to expand their success on social media to other online platforms, including Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. They will also be looking to grow their thriving community by targeting a global audience as of August this year.

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