Resident company Education Through Animation (ETA) believes that everyone can grow their intelligence to achieve their learning goals.

When developing their first product, an App to learn the “Times Tables”, the objective was to create an experience that is fun, engaging and stress free for the student. The goal was to develop an App as “entertaining as YouTube” and as “rewarding as popular video games”.

The Times Table App home screen

Developing a unique App that achieves all these objectives has been both challenging and rewarding for the team. It involved creating more than 3 hours of animated scenes that teach and coach the students through each of the times tables until they demonstrate they have learnt them all. Local talent was used to design, voice and animate each of the 13 characters. It’s a product the Illawarra and the team at iAccelerate can truly call their own.

Whilst ETA had the competence to create scenes that educate and entertain, they were short on the skills to develop the smarts and interface to make the learning process flow and reward students for their progress. Fortunately, they didn’t have to look far, with an opportune meeting of the 152HQ team at an iAccelerate open day.

152HQ were able to implement agile coding practices and rigorous product testing to create an Application that enhanced the overall experience for the student. With both teams co-located in the iAccelerate building working together as an integrated team, the end result was a cost-effective user interface that both teams are delighted to share with the world.

“The 152HQ team had such a great time working on this app.  It was an absolute delight working alongside Mike and the ETA team to help deliver their vision.” said Karen Parker, CEO of 152HQ.

A Beta version of the App is currently being tested by a number of students. The initial feedback from the students and parents has been very encouraging:

“I really recommend this App for people who are struggling with their times tables. The characters were entertaining and encouraging. I like the way they organised the times tables in the order that is easiest to learn. It gave me confidence with my times tables and gave me different strategies to use.” – Hugh, age 11

“The app is very helpful to learn the times tables. It’s fun and funny. The music and the animal characters are very cool” – Anushka, age 10

“The app does more than teach the times tables it teaches the patterns and logic behind the calculations as well as the different strategies that can be applied. The app introduces the concepts using humour and a growth mindset, which the children immediately respond to. They can also see their progress which motivates them to keep going. I highly recommend this app as a quality educational tool for learning the times tables.” – Catriona, Mother

Watch the clip below to hear what Noah the Numbat has to say about the Times Table. 


The teams at ETA and 152HQ truly believe they have created an experience that will take the anxiety out of learning the times tables whilst providing hours of animated entertainment.

Feedback from the Beta testers will be used to make the final improvements to the user interface, following which the App will be available for download initially on the App Store and shortly after on Google Play.

For further information, contact Mike Rix at [email protected].


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