InstaShred has projected a release of their new concept guitar towards the end of September.

The new guitar will be made available to iAccelerate residents exclusively for a limited time while their production-ready model is designed and built. They will be unveiling the prototype at iAccelerate’s Demo Day on 22 September.

InstaShred has recently employed Sumeet Kumar for the role of Lead Software Developer. He will be providing his expert skills in mobile app development for use with the upcoming InstaShred LED integrated guitar system, enabling users to interact with their musical instruments in a smart and intuitive manner. Sumeet comes from Bangalore, India, where he completed his Bachelors in Technology majoring in computer science and engineering, after which he gained 3.5 years of relevant work experience in IT development. He is now studying for his Masters in Computer Science at the University of Wollongong, which will be completed within the next two years.

The company has welcomed him as the 6th edition to their cultured and diverse team.  

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