HealthVox’s mission is to enable the safe and effective use of AI technology in healthcare, particularly in vulnerable populations.
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Mogwai Labs

Mogwai Labs, is developing fermentation and flavour solutions for the Australian brewing sector, who want access to Australian produced yeast and quality assurance services.


We are developing AI solutions to empower scientists in the pharmaceutical industry to design, make, and test new drugs to treat diseases.

Quirky Kid

Quirky Kid is Australia’s leading child psychology clinic. Quirky Kid is changing the way schools teach social-emotional learning to their students by creating innovative and evidence-based materials to improve students’ emotional and social wellbeing in schools and clinics around the world.


PhycoHealth creates fortified food and skin products with the first cultivated Australian seaweed.

PhycoHealth has unique and direct access to Australia’s first cultivated seaweed for food.


HappyHandz is all about hand hygiene for kidz.