Critical Arc

CriticalArc changes the way people coordinate in real time to solve real problems. By enabling omnipresence, CriticalArc’s goal is to […]

Dusty and Friends

Dusty and Friends is a PhD, evidenced-based resilience series for children that simplifies the teachings of resilience

Resilience, Children, Education, Evidence Based, Community

Prisma Technologies

Prisma is Australia’s leading supplier of commercial drones, RPAS, UAV and Robotics

Own Words

Own Words is a Digital Story Résumé (DSR) recruitment platform.

Modalities, New Literacy, OwnWords, Digital Story


Me3D’s focus is on designing classroom ready solutions for integrating 3D printing in education. Me3D set out to embed 3D printing as a core education technology and improve engagement of kids with STEM learning and design thinking.

Living Connected

Living Connected provides a service to assist older people to use computers to remain connected and engaged.