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At iAccelerate we value Industry led research and encourage the translation of scientific ideas into successful startups. Twenty-six of the 60+ companies housed at iAccelerate come from the Science Technology Engineering Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) sector with some ground-breaking ideas that have come to life in the past few years. Here is a snippet of our current Science based innovation listed through these companies.

Are you a STEMM based individual or startup with an innovative idea? Applications for our next intake are OPEN now. You can checkout the details and apply here. 

152hq – 152hq are a nationally recognised team that is passionate about implementing digital systems that not only improve business efficiencies but also disrupt how people perceive IT projects.

Aegis – Aegis specialises in asset management of property and civil infrastructure, as well as civil and structural engineering, remediation and maintenance.

AllCare – AllCare is disrupting the way in-home aged care services are delivered, by using enabling technology-based interventions to put the focus on client centred care, welfare, and wellness.

Allotrac – Allotrac’s ‘Transport Management’ system improves safety and working conditions for truck drivers and those in the transport industry with their digital tracking system.

Avatar Technology – Avatar Technology is a software platform wireless solutions provider offering solutions and services to corporate and commercial organisations in the fields of OH&S, lone worker markets, family assist programs, health care solutions, security and personal safety.

Azility – Azility has poured kinetic innovation into their next-generation energy management software, powering energy, water and emissions savings across every asset and department for organisations large and small.

Binary Beer – Binary Beer harnesses an IoT (internet of things) device to ensure quality beer is always on tap at bars and pubs, through the use of smart kegs.

Catalyze – Catalyze specialises in Information Engineering – a collection of skills and experience applied to process and solution design with the purpose of optimising information provision to business users.

ExSitu – ExSitu use technology to empower those involved the care industry to understand people’s core values

EzSwitch – EzSwitch is an Australian financial technology and product development company that is fundamentally changing key consumer product markets in energy, lending, investments, superannuation, insurance & telecoms.

Global Renewable Energy Solutions – Global Renewable Energy Solutions provide engineering services in major areas of renewable energy technologies, as well as energy efficiency including Solar PV and battery storage. 

Industry Spec Drones – Industry Spec Drones (ISD) design and build specialised Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technologies for industrial applications. ISD is currently developing technology specialised for use in confined spaces, vessels and underground assets.

Ingeteam – Ingeteam specialises in electrical engineering and the development of electrical equipment, motors, generators, frequency converters and automation.

Instashred – InstaShred is a tech company revolutionising how people interact with musical instruments through the implementation of modern interactive technologies.

Internetrix – Internetrix Analytics is an innovative, web-based product that turns digital analytics data into actionable insights using advanced data science techniques.

Julian’s Variable Compression Engine – This variable compression engine (VCE) allows for the optimisation of torque and horse-power in conventional internal combustion engines saving the end-user unto 30% in fuel consumption.

Me3D – Me3D’s focus is on designing classroom ready solutions for integrating 3D printing in education. Me3D set out to embed 3D printing as a core education technology and improve engagement of kids with STEM learning and design thinking.

Pending.AI – Pending.AI is developing AI solutions to empower scientists in the pharmaceutical industry to design, make, and test new drugs to treat diseases.

ROMW – ROWM is a water quality monitoring service which provides water quality data for pools without the need for sampling and analysis.

tappON – tappON is a home health care provider harnessing modern convenience, smart technology, human kindness and compassion to bring a superior health experience to the home. We aim to assist those on the NDIS, Aged Care, or just looking for some extra assistance in the home.

The Eco Door – The Eco Door is a zero energy freezer display door alleviating the need to heat the frame and outer glass and utilises a thermo-plastics frame and optimal panel spacing. Components are reduced by 70% and saves the end-user hundreds of dollars per year per door in energy costs compared to conventionally heated doors.

The Painspace – The Painspace is developing an app to change the lives of people in chronic pain by connecting, guiding and educating sufferers to maximize self-empowerment and healing potential.

V-Daq – V-Daq are experts in developing high performance, low-cost, IoT technology and IoT devices tailored for the customer. Industry solutions include: intelligent transport, smart farm, smart city and asset management.

Valen Energy – Valen Energy specialises in the design and manufacturing of off grid renewable energy power stations in both Austin, Texas USA and Sydney Australia for the Lighting, Security, Smart city, communications and power industries.

Verbotics – Verbotics is a company developing automatic robot programming software for welding. Their software creates high quality collision-free welding programs directly from CAD models, avoiding costly manual programming.

Wize Dynamics – Wize Dynamics are an emerging name in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. They are combining disciplines of Computer Science and Engineering to make real-time, numbers-based decisions.

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