The COVID19 pandemic has changed whole industries, global supply-chains, consumer behaviour and turned traditional sales cycles completely upside down. Our residents startups at iAccelerate have always tackled a challenge head on, but the last twelve months have really put the companies through challenge after challenge.

It’s been an amazing response from iAccelerate residents. We couldn’t be prouder of just how resilient the founders and their hard working teams have been, creating new opportunities when others would have given up.

“iAccelerate startups understand what it means to be resilient. To be disruptive and be ready to be disrupted. Omar Khalifa, iAccelerate CEO. 

The iAccelerate Resilience Video Series highlights the amazing resilience of startups at iAccelerate. Through passion, drive and sheer determination our companies have proved they ready for anything. The challenges that the pandemic has thrown up have delivered some inspiring stories of resilience, and we can’t wait to share these with you! 


Part 1: ExSitu – “Sometimes we forget to look at the risks of doing nothing”

Exsitu is a web based app that helps people communicate their values that translates them into legally and clinically recognised documents. The last twelve months haven’t been easy, but the team at ExSitu have made the best of a tough situation.

“COVID has made you re-evaluate what you think is possible, suddenly things you might not have thought were possible now are!” Rebecca Glover, Co-Founder Executive Director, ExSitu


Part 2: Binary Beer – “See it as positive opportunity to do new things”

The team at Binary Beer & Binary Tech create off the shelf and bespoke solutions for businesses who need timely, reliable and cost-effective information from assets in the field.
When tracking beer kegs grounded to a halt as businesses closed during lockdown, the team quickly pivoted and entered completely new markets – the pathology and waste industries.
“It forced us to execute on some things we’ve wanting to work on for quite some time” Michael Burton, CEO, Binary Tech.

Part 3: Allotrac – “It allowed us to rapidly deploy in some large environments”

Allotrac is a cloud based Transport Management System that provides end-to-end visibility. Their paperless platform integrates seamlessly into key systems to provide business solutions.

With all eyes on logistics and contactless delivery during lockdown the Allotrac team quickly pivoted in how they delivered their product enabling them to deploy in an additional 70 sites throughout Australia.

“That’s one of the huge doors that was opened. The requirement of Allotrac as a necessity now. It’s no longer something that helps process and business. You actually need it, require it. It is air for the company!” Joel Kotamanidis, Co-founder and CEO, Allotrac.


Part 4: Yours & Owls – “We were scared of doing nothing. It wasn’t an option. We had to spring into action”

Yours and Owls is all about live music, specialising in booking, promoting and producing large outdoor concerts, festivals and events.

What a rollercoaster ride! It’s been a tough fight for the entire music industry yet the team behind Yours & Owls have remained inspired, passionate and fully innovative in the last twelve months.

When everything shut down last year due to COVID, they brought the us Owl Capones, they brought us the Drive In and in 4 days the Yours & Owls Festival is back!

They are true pioneers in their industry. Being one of the only major festival events to run in Australia since COVID, they’ll be the first music festival allowing dancing since NSW restrictions changed, and they are the first festival to utilise a revolving stage format.

“We are always forward thinking of how we can keep the music industry alive” Larissa Drew, Event Operations Manager, Yours & Owls Events


Up next: iAccelerate resident company allcare. 

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