Green Caffeen is a new local Kiama startup business with a mission to save 1 million disposable coffee cups from entering landfill by the end of 2019.

iAccelerate residents Damien Clarke & Martin Brooks have created a Cup Saving Culture working hard within the
Illawarra and expanding quickly to other regions. 

For a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 (the cost of a cup of coffee) we are offering regular
takeaway coffee drinkers a Swap- and-Go Coffee Cup scheme that replaces the single-use
disposable coffee cup with a clean green reusable cup.

The scheme is managed via a phone app that tracks the cup returns. Cafes can participate in the scheme free of charge (all they
have to do is wash the cup.) Since Launching in the Illawarra on the 2nd August, 2018 Green Caffeen has 65 Cafes offering our scheme including the University of Wollongong and have
already saved over 1,000 Cups from landfill in this time.

A Launch Date of 3rd September 2018 into The Sutherland Shire and discussions with several Large NSW Councils and
Government Organisations. The Scheme provides Corporate Australia a chance to take leadership on the War on Waste
and provide their Staff with a Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Single Use Coffee

Their target: One million cups saved by December 2019 



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